GR JapanとGR Groupが、在日英国商業会議所のオフィシャル雑誌「BCCJ ACUMEN」に取り上げられました。

GR JapanとGR Groupが、在日英国商業会議所のオフィシャル雑誌「BCCJ ACUMEN」に取り上げられました。"Government Relations Powerhouse"と題する記事では、GR Japanが日本最良のガバメント・リレーションズ企業に成長してきた過去10年にわたる軌跡や、GR Groupのエキスパート達がこれまで政府の政策や意思決定において活躍してきた経験と専門性などが紹介されています。こちらのリンクから記事全文をご覧いただけます。https://lnkd.in/gKKrQ6P


On 18 September, former Japanese Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Ambassador Koji Tsuruoka, GR Japan’s CEO & President Jakob Edberg, and Executive Director of the GR Group in Washington D.C. Jim Fatheree spoke about the prospects and challenges facing newly appointed Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s first new prime minister in nearly eight years. 

Challenges and priorities for the new PM

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Yoshihide Suga to succeed Shinzo Abe as Prime Minister

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga was today elected leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and will be formally appointed prime minister on 16 September. Suga won with more than 70% of the vote against former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and former Defence Minister Shigeru Ishiba. 

GR Japan’s analysis looks at the nature of his victory, what it means for Japan, and where Suga is set to lead the nation. 

GR Japan株式会社は、2020年で創業10年を迎えます。

GR Japan株式会社は、2020年で創業10年を迎えます。10周年を記念し、弊社の共同創業者であるヤコブ・エドバーグとフィリップ・ハワードは、ACCJジャーナルのインタビューに応えました。2人の小さな会社から70人超の専門家集団へと急成長を遂げた、10年の軌跡を振り返っています。

現在、GR Groupは、東京、大阪、ソウル、ワシントンDC、そしてロンドンに拠点を展開しており、世界最良のガバメント・リレーションズ企業になることを目指しています!


前駐英国日本大使の鶴岡公二氏がGR Groupのシニア・アドバイザーに就任しました

GR Japan株式会社は、この度、前駐英国日本大使である鶴岡公二氏が、当社とGR Groupのシニア・アドバイザーに就任したことをお知らせします。



「GR Japanの有能なプロフェッショナルチームとともに日本政府との建設的なエンゲージメントをサポートすることを楽しみにしております。特にセクター横断的なアプローチに基づく質の高い民間部門からのインプットにより、日本政府に貢献できると確信しております。」

ヤコブ・エドバーグ (GR Japan株式会社 代表取締役社長):

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GR Japan - Update on succession of Prime Minister Abe

Only days after he became the longest continuously-serving prime minister in Japan, today Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced to resign from his position, saying that he wishes to prevent his deteriorating health to interfere with his duties and judgment.  The candidates for permanent successors include Yoshihide Suga (Chief Cabinet Secretary), Taro Aso (Deputy Prime Minister), Ishiba Shigeru, and Fumio Kishida.  Confronted with a pandemic, economic downturn, and foreign policy challenges, turbulent times lie ahead for the one who takes the wheel after Abe

Rushed-through Japan-UK FTA signals importance of the relationship beyond trade - GR Japan latest report

Following the visit by Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Toshimitsu Motegi, to the UK last week, Japan and the UK have announced that negotiations on their free trade deal will soon reach a conclusion. The two nations went into the talks with distinct objectives - Japan was eager to secure early removal of tariffs on automobile and auto parts, while the UK wants greater access to Japan for its agricultural products.  The intense time pressure, however, has forced both sides to recalibrate their ambitions and shelve many trickier areas for future discussions.


Japan’s government lifted the nationwide state of emergency on 25 May but some restrictions remain.  The government is now working to lift border restrictions in phases with business travellers allowed in first, and resumption of tourism later in the year. Following the record-breaking supplementary budget on 30 April, the government is now preparing a second, even larger package to tackle the crisis and support economic recovery.  The crisis has proved a challenge to Japanese leaders, with Abe’s ratings falling below 30% despite the low number of cases.


With offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Washington D.C. and London, the GR Group has been working to support employees and clients through the COVID-19 crisis.

To date, there have been no cases of COVID-19 diagnosed among our staff.

The company advised all staff on 24 February to seek medical advice and stay at home if they experienced symptoms consistent with COVID-19.  Staff were encouraged to adjust working hours to avoid commuting during rush-hours and were advised to postpone all non-essential travel.