Breakfast Meeting with Yasutoshi Nishimura - Special Advisor to the LDP President Shinzo Abe

09月 14日, 2016
Mayfair, 12F South Wing, Hotel Okura Tokyo
2-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

GR Japan welcomes Yasutoshi Nishimura, Special Advisor to Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) President Shinzo Abe and Chief Deputy Secretary-General of LDP, as guest speaker for this month's International Policy Forum (IPF).  As a testament to the Prime Minister's continued focus on the economy, just last month the Abe Cabinet approved a 28 trillion yen economic stimulus package.  Mr. Nishimura, who previously served as Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Cabinet and State Minister of Cabinet Office, will touch on key points of the Abenomics agenda and outline the Prime Minister's strategy for achieving economic growth in his protracted battle against deflation.

No stranger to the halls of power, Mr. Nishimura served as a Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now METI) official for nearly 15 years before entering politics as secretary to legendary former Speaker of the House of Representatives Kenzaburo Hara, whose post-war tenure in the Diet ranks second only to former Prime Minister Nakasone.  Following Hara's retirement in 2000, Mr. Nishimura leveraged his mentor's political base to win the Hyogo 9th District seat in the 2003 House of Representatives election.  Victorious in each subsequent contest, he is currently serving his 5th term in office.

Please join us for breakfast on 14 September and pose your questions directly to this key policy maker.  As always, the agenda will include an update on the broader political situation as well as an overview of legislative proposals slated for deliberation during the extra-ordinary Diet session commencing on 26th of this month.