IPF Breakfast Meeting with Shigeru Ishiba, Member of the House of Representatives

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Date:      Wednesday, 4 December

Time:      7.45am to 9.00am (doors open at 7.30am)

Venue:  GR Japan Meeting Room 301 (3F Juzen Bldg. 2-9-6 Nagatacho)

Fee:     ¥5,000 (payable at the door)

GR Japan is pleased to welcome Shigeru Ishiba to our latest International Policy Forum (IPF) breakfast meeting. Mr. Ishiba is a former Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Secretary General and has held several important Cabinet posts, including Minister of State for the Promotion of Overcoming Population Decline and Vitalizing Local Economy in Japan.

As Shinzo Abe’s main contender in the LDP’s 2018 presidential election, Mr. Ishiba has been generally supportive of Abenomics, but has also recently called for a reevaluation of the policy, in view of its failure to address Japan’s widening social inequalities and unexpectedly rapid fall in population. 

During the breakfast meeting he will discuss his “Ishiba Vision”, which calls for a shift from the temporary stimulus measures proposed by Abenomics toward more self-sustainable economic policies, as well as proposing a solution to Japan’s demographic crisis.  With a general election expected next year, this is a timely opportunity for participants to hear the views of one of the LDP’s most influential figures on the future shape of the nation.

Please join us for the chance to exchange opinions with Shigeru Ishiba,  who recent opinion polls name as one of the most likely successors to Prime Minister Abe.


7.30am         Doors open for registration

7.45am         Greeting and analysis of extraordinary Diet session by Jakob Edberg, President & CEO, GR Japan

8.00am          Presentation by Mr Shigeru Ishiba

8.50am         Q&A, networking

9.00am         Close 


The event will be held in Japanese. Japanese-English consecutive interpretation will be provided.
The event is off-the-record. Guests are kindly asked to refrain from disclosing or sharing comments or discussions from this event in any form of media.